Long-Lost Apple Commercial Released, Featuring Steve Jobs as FDR

Mia Trovato
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A long-lost Macintosh commercial -- with Steve Jobs playing the role of Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- has surfaced, thanks to a former Apple employee. According to Networkworld.com, the 9-minute opus, which reportedly cost $50,000 to make, was intended to motivate Apple's international sales force during a conference in Hawaii. At one point in the video, Jobs as FDR, complete with cigarette holder and tiny wire-rimmed glasses, points out the enemy on a map: The enemy is IBM. Seems like Apple won that battle. The video was a sequel to Apple's famous commercial "1984," which aired during the '84 Super Bowl and introduced the Macintosh to the world.

Next up, an observant beachcomber in British Columbia found a motorcycle that was lost in last year's tsunami in Japan, and the bike is now being returned to its owner. Peter Mark was exploring a remote beach on Graham Island when he came across the storage container of 29-year-old Ikuo Yokoyama of Yamamoto, Japan, which had floated 3,000 miles across the ocean before it washed ashore. Yokoyama lost three family members and his house in the March 2011 disaster. Miraculously, when Mark opened the container, he found a rusted Harley-Davidson. He used the license-plate number to find the bike's owner. Harley-Davidson heard about the discovery, which was first reported by CBC News, and offered to restore and return the bike to Yokoyama. When asked if he had any specific messages for the bike, Yokoyama replied, "Thanks for coming back, buddy."