Live Cam of Alaskan Bears Gets the Web’s Attention

Mia Trovato

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Who knew grabbing some lunch could be so interesting. Thanks to the 'Brown Bear and Salmon Cam' set up in the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, watching brown grizzlies catching their midday meal of sockeye salmon in the Brooks River has become an internet sensation. set up the live stream and during the bears' peak feeding times, viewers can watch the burly animals wait patiently, pounce, and emerge victorious with a meal. FYI: What happens after that, may or may not be an appealing sight. CNN reporter Lizzie O'Leary is credited with spreading the word about the cam on Twitter two days ago. Since then the hashtag #Bearcam has been steadily trending.

Viewers have described the bears' food hunting as "mesmerizing." And some are even getting a bit of lunchtime inspiration out of the feed. One user joked,"Woke up with the strangest craving for salmon tacos. No idea why."

You can view the live feed here: Bear Cam