Little's Girl's First Encounter With Ice Is Adorable

Mia Fitzharris

The Web is filled with videos of people slipping and falling on ice, much to the delight of viewers who get a good laugh out of it. But it is a different experience when a child has a similar encounter with the slippery stuff. A curious little girl in Russia named Polina tried walking on ice for the first time, and the results are adorable. Dressed in a snuggly pink snowsuit, the youngster braces herself from a slippery fall and then appears to just give up and lie down on the ice.

Don't worry, Polina, we feel for you. No one likes to slip on ice! The video was first uploaded to the Russian social sharing site VKontakte but picked up steam once it was posted to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 630,000 times! Polina's video brought up fond memories of another wintertime classic — this viral video of 10-year-old Zia in Park City, Utah, doing a ski jump for the first time: