Little Girl Schools Entire Wedding with Adorable Dance Routine

Henry Baker

We must admit, after the original sensation passed, we never thought we would see "Gangnam Style" put to use in another viral video ever again. But some things that might seem completely over get revived with the help of a stroke of genius. The genius in today's story is that of a little girl, who gets an entire wedding crowd (and now us) pumped with the sheer force of an awesome dance routine.

Taken at a recent wedding, the video follows the girl's energetic rug-cutting through two songs. She begins with Justin Bieber's "Baby," which is cool enough, but then Psy's massive hit begins, and she really gets going. It is abundantly clear that this is not her first rodeo.

The video is a huge hit on YouTube, gaining more than 100,000 views in only a little over a week. Commenters love the girl and have given her an overwhelming thumbs-up for the performance. One wrote, "This is only the second time 'Gangnam Style' has not gotten on my nerves. She is awesome." That is how you revive a hit song. Now, is she available for other weddings?

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