Little Boys Get Clumsy When the Ice Cream Van Comes Around

Ralphie Aversa
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A new YouTube video with over three million views shows one child screaming, falling, and then screaming again for ice cream.

Selina O’Meara of Nenagh, Ireland was babysitting her godchild Liam and his older brother Luke. The professional photographer decided to snap a few photos of the kids as they ate beans and toast.

“Luke was putting all of the beans in the bowl (on his toast),” O’Meara tells us. “I thought, ‘This is gonna go wrong.’”

Sure enough, moments after hitting record, young Liam takes a tumble off of a ledge in the kitchen. Not five seconds later, Luke hears a sound in the background.

“The ice cream…” he yells, not able get the word “truck” out of his mouth before falling out of his chair. O’Meara begins laughing before exclaiming “Oh my God!” as she pans down to see Luke crying his eyes out.

“He was okay,” she said. “The chairs aren’t really that high.”

Luke and Liam’s mother thought it was hilarious. They decided to upload the clip to YouTube and post it on Facebook so that other family members could see it. Then, it went viral.

“Everyone started ringing me,” O’Meara said of when the 26-second clip gained popularity. “I thought everyone was going a bit crazy.”

The video is titled “the ice-cream van” and was uploaded Sunday. It has over 3.4 million views.

“I don’t understand. I’m not a big tech person,” O’Meara said of her first experience with YouTube. “I find it fascinating the way the Internet works.”