Lion King Cast Sings 'Circle Of Life' On Airplane

Ralphie Aversa
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On Monday, the cast of Australia's "The Lion King" musical redefined airline entertainment.

Cast and crew from the production were flying on Virgin Airlines from Brisbane ¾ the musical's next destination in Australia ¾ back to Sydney, where they are currently performing. The announcement that the show was coming to Brisbane went over well.

"After an amazing day at the official Brisbane launch announcement we felt elated enough to sing the Circle of Life," wrote cast member Toni Ann Stewart in the description of a video she uploaded Should to YouTube. "It was so much fun."

And it sounded pretty awesome. The singers sat together and toward the front of the plane when they belted out the opening notes. For two minutes, the cast sang and clapped along to the classic Disney track. Passengers, who were still boarding the plane, were clearly surprised.

Following the performance's completion, the group received a rousing applause from fellow passengers and acknowledgment from the flight attendants.

Video of the musical flash mob went live Monday and has been viewed about a half a million times. Most reviews online are positive, with some commenters saying they wished that they could have been on that flight. One person suggested that perhaps there could have been a better ending. Toward the end of the clip, a child walks up the aisle to see what the commotion is all about.

"Would have only been better if the guy pushing his kid forward to see you all actually held his the [sic] child up in the air for the climax," wrote YouTube commenter "Award80."