Lenny Kravitz had a pretty good Labor Day weekend

Mia Trovato

The “Are You Gonna Go My Way” singer plays James Halloway in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” which bested the One Direction film “This Is Us” for the top spot at the box office over the holiday. Kravitz performed a song from the movie’s soundtrack on “Late Night with David Letterman” last week. The artist also took center court, err stage, at the opening ceremony for the 2013 U.S. Open in Queens.

But a video that has gone viral to the tune of almost two million views even has anonymous YouTube users singing Kravitz’s praise. The five minute-plus piece was originally uploaded in 2010 but is once again gaining popularity after it was re-discovered by the website Entertainment.ie. It begins with Kravitz walking down a street in New Orleans, explaining that while he was on a balcony enjoying a beverage, he “heard some strange music.”

That “strange music” was courtesy of the choir from The Voice of Praise Choir. The ensemble, which performs at the First Baptist Church in Lewisville, La, was outside performing Kravitz’s hit “Fly Away.”

The choir will never forget what happened next. Kravitz walks up to the performers, and joins in on the jam session. The kids clap along while the musician provides a little extra soul behind the drums. Eventually, Kravitz wraps the performance when he’s handed the microphone and leads the group in the chorus of the song. By this point, a large group has gathered with smart phones in hand, documenting the moment when a group of kids performed with an artist who has sold tens of millions of albums across the world.

While Kravitz’s music library extends far past his filmography, his typical encounter with strangers in streets as of late has probably centered around his work on the silver screen. The singer played a stylist in “The Hunger Games,” and will reprise the role for the sequel “Catching Fire” this fall.