Kindergartner Uses His ABCs to Save Dad’s Life

Melissa Knowles
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Kindergartner Uses His ABCs to Save Dad’s Life

Most of us are able to recite the alphabet because it's one of the first lessons we learn in kindergarten. It's the ABC song, and because of it and one kid's quick thinking, his father is alive today.

Nathaniel Dancy Jr., a 5-year-old Newark, N.J. kindergartner, was picked up from school by his dad and as they made their way home, his father became violently ill. Thankfully, his father was able to pull the car over before getting into an accident. Nathaniel said his father, "got out of the car and started throwing up." He then had a seizure and became paralyzed.

Here's where Nathaniel's bravery turned into action. He used his father's cell phone to call his grandmother, Susan Hardy-Blackman, and ask for help. Because Nathaniel cannot read yet, he did the best he could to describe where he and his dad were. He spelled out, "F-U-R-N-I-T-U-R-E." Hardy-Blackman was still confused and not sure where they were located. Nathaniel then told her, "Grandma, use your active listening skills."

Nathaniel then mentioned that he and his dad had just driven through the tunnel. That was the vital piece of information his grandmother was able to use to piece together the puzzle.

Using the clues Nathaniel had given her, she realized that her grandson and his father must be near Furniture 22 on Route 22 by the tunnel. So Hardy-Blackman was able to call 911 and tell them where to go.

Nathaniel's mom, Janelle Blackman, said that she believes her husband and her son saved each other's lives. "My husband knew to pull over. My son knew to take action."

Nathaniel's father remains in the hospital. He is unable to speak. Doctors said that he had a stroke and an aneurysm, and he's lucky to be alive.

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