Kids Give Their Honest Opinions on Gay Marriage

Mia Trovato
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Same-sex marriage is a hotly debated topic in the U.S., with more and more states legalizing the unions. Instead of getting the opinions of adults on the topic, a new video asks the most innocent group — kids! The YouTube hit is brought to us by the Fine Brothers, aka Benny and Rafi Fine, who regularly release "React" videos on their page. It starts out with kids ranging in age from 5 to 13 years old watching two same-sex proposal videos that have gone viral, "Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal" and "Seattle+The Washington Bus+Jeanne+Alissa = wedding proposal." Watch as they slowly piece together what is happening in each video:

Next, the Fine Brothers sit down with the youngsters for interviews on the topic of same-sex marriage. All of the children appear to accept the concept of two people of the same sex getting married, except for one boy.  In the beginning of the clip, Benny and Rafi explain that the opinions of children can give valuable insight into where our society stands and where we are headed. They think it's important to discuss the topics openly in hopes of a better tomorrow through dialogue and conversation. The video is clocking in at more than a whopping 2 million views, with comments like "wow, that's the future I want to be."