Kid Getting His Dance on Keeps the Web Smiling

Melissa Knowles
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Kid Getting His Dance on Keeps the Web Smiling

There is no shortage of bad news to read in the newspapers or see on TV. Unfortunately, it's everywhere and permeates our existence whether or not we want it to, because it feels as if we can't escape it. Luckily, there is almost always some good news somewhere. So in honor of the weekend, and it being Friday and all, here's your good news story for the week.

A video on YouTube titled, "Russian Kid at Club Can't Be Bothered," is bringing joy and delight to people on the Web. Even though the video was just posted to YouTube earlier this week, it is unclear when it was filmed judging by the attire of the young boy and people around him. The boy is decked out in his best club attire and sunglasses (yes, indoors and he's rocking it) as he dances to "The Swing Man," by Patrick Lindsey.

People are unable to get enough of the little guy's sensational and confident dance skills. One commenter wrote, "I love the fact that it's unclear if this is the '90s or contemporary Russia." His video has been viewed more than 190,000 times in just two days. Another commenter wrote, "This guy will grow up to be the boss of everything."

For all we know, the kid may have already grown up if this video had been recorded in the '90s, as it appears. In any case, we know that no matter where he is, he certainly has some supersweet dance moves. So in honor of this kid and it being a Friday, go get your dance on!

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