Kid Has Awesome Recovery to Embarrassing Band Moment

Melissa Knowles
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When it's your moment to shine, you want to do your absolute best —especially when that moment is happening publicly in front of a crowd of people. Let's just say you're performing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in a band, and your job is to play the cymbals. What happens if your instrument breaks? How do you recover from the embarrassment and keep the party going?

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Andrew Pawelczyk of the Eisenhower Junior High School band in Illinois awaits his moment to play the cymbals, when the unthinkable happens. The cymbal in his right hand breaks and falls to the ground. At first Andrew appears shocked and unsure of how to recover. But then, brilliantly, he does not miss a beat and decides the best plan is to honor his country by saluting our nation's flag as his band mates continue to play the national anthem.

Andrew's story was also shared on the social news site Reddit and quickly voted up by users to the front page. People were not just impressed by Andrew's poise, but that of his band mates as well.

The video has been viewed more than 27,000 times, and people are impressed by the kid's ability to keep his composure during one of the most embarrassing moments he may have experienced. One person commented, "That was brilliant." Another person wrote, "I came here expecting it to be bad, but he handled that great."

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