Julian Assange Furious over Unauthorized Autobiography and Promoted Tweets Get Political

Adriana Diaz

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has just been out-WikiLeaked! Assange, whose company publishes secret documents from anonymous sources without authorization, is furious about the publishing of his autobiography today without his authorization. He claims that the 339-page book is based on a first draft, and that the £500,000 (about $750,000) advance was paid to his attorneys without his consent. On the WikiLeaks website, Assange said the U.K. publisher Canongate acted "in breach of contract, in breach of confidence, and in breach of personal assurances." According to Canongate, Assange originally agreed to do the book and sat down for more than 50 hours of taped interviews with a ghostwriter before canceling the contract. While the book won't be published in the U.S., "Julian Assange: the Unauthorized Autobiography" is quickly climbing the U.K. Amazon best-seller list. The irony isn't lost on social media. Thousands are chiming in on Twitter, making "Julian Assange" trend worldwide. @Doctrine_Man tweeted, "What goes around comes around." What's your take on the master leaker being leaked? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

With just over a year until the next presidential election, political ads are starting to roll out. Only now, you'll be seeing them in 140 characters or less on your Twitter feed, whether or not you like it. Candidates and political action committees can buy Twitter ads in the form of promoted tweets that will now be designated by a purple icon. They can show up in a search, be targeted to followers, or appear as a trending topic. Mitt Romney was the first to jump onboard. The Republican candidate, who has 95,000 followers, promoted a tweet yesterday criticizing President Barack Obama. People on social media aren't thrilled about the forced advertising. @JohnFMoore calls it "more noise," and @NathanWurtzel wrote that he has his "block and report finger ready."