Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Coachella Fans

Melissa Knowles
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Coachella, as the hippest among you know, is a two-week music festival in the desert near Indio, California. This year's festival wrapped up last weekend. More than 60 bands played at Coachella, including little-known, up-and-coming bands hoping to break into the music scene and acquire fans and fame. Hollywood stars and starlets are usually photographed enjoying themselves at the festival among the mellow crowds.

Late-night TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, being the prankster that he is, thought it would be funny to send a camera crew to Coachella to see what attendees would say about a completely made-up fake band. The piece was featured in a segment he called "Lie Witness News."

Some of the highlights of the segment include people nodding their heads to an off-camera reporter and agreeing that the made-up bands are really great. One guy even says that he used to DJ and played one of the bands' music all the time.

While many people who have seen Kimmel's prank find it hilarious, others don't. Some people have tweeted that the video editing and voiceover style indicate the video just might have been faked.

Kimmel responded to doubters last night when he tweeted, "To those who think our #LieWitnessnews @Coachella is in any way fake, you are incorrect."

One fan tweeted, "This just makes my day -- clueless 'music lovers' at Coachella pretending to know and love fake bands."

Another believes there's no validity to "Lie Witness News," tweeting, "That jimmy Kimmel Coachella video is so fake it hurts."

One thing almost everyone seems to agree on, at least, is that it's funny.

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