Jimmy Fallon Has Crazy Viral Week with Lip-synch, Hashtag Videos

Henry Baker

Jimmy Fallon is known for taking his late-night show in silly directions, playing charades and even beer pong with guests. But this week has been particularly fruitful for "Late Night," as Fallon released two online clips that have just gone crazily viral.

The first, posted Monday, featured frequent collaborator Justin Timberlake having a "Twitter chat" with Jimmy. They proved that yes, it would be truly awful if people started using hashtags in real life. (But hey, hashtags can be annoying on Twitter as well.) The video has over 7.5 million views and, of course, many adoring fans. 


Tuesday saw another instance of an online Fallon sensation, as actors Stephen Merchant ("Hello Ladies") and Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Don Jon") participated in a "lip-sync-off" with Jimmy. That, too, was awesome.


The question is: With Fallon quickly approaching the "Tonight Show" takeover and Leno's exit, how will the material translate to the 11:30 p.m. slot? If the popularity of his segments online is any indication, it should be a breeze. 


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