Jim and Sarah Harbaugh Team Up to #StopDadPants in Hilarious New PSA

Ralphie Aversa
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We've seen the better halves of coaching families advocate for a number of issues that affect others. But in this instance, Sarah Harbaugh's platform is to "Stop Dad Pants," or ill-fitting bottoms that fathers are known to wear. Now the wife of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim is taking her message to a broader audience in a hilarious new PSA.

The tale of Harbaugh's pants actually dates back to January. After defeating the Carolina Panthers to advance to the NFC championship game, the head coach told reporters, "These Dickies cost $23. They were on sale, though."

Then in a radio interview, Sarah expressed her disdain for her husband's pleated khakis while also disputing the cost.

"I've thrown [his pants] away many of times," Mrs. Harbaugh told KMVQ-FM. "I threw them out, and when he went to the [NFL Scouting] Combine, he found a Walmart. They were $8. $8!"

During that same chat, however, Mrs. Harbaugh may have forecasted what was to come.

"I still love him," she noted. "But he did say next year he would make a change if it was that important."

The 49ers fell to the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks last season, and so any excuse for superstition is out the window. Ahead of the next campaign, the coach's wife has teamed up with Dockers to bring awareness to the problem of "Dad Pants," a "serious condition" she says is "affecting countless men in our country."

"My handsome, vibrant, successful football coach of a husband suddenly looked like he had hung the curtains from his belt," Mrs. Harbaugh deadpanned in the minute-long piece, which was published online Wednesday. "Thankfully, Dockers has discovered the antidote for 'Dad Pants.'"

The coach then makes a cameo in the PSA, grilling outside with his new Dockers on. One of his daughters appears too, asking, "Mommy, who's that?" as she looks at her dad.

"That's your dad," Mrs. Harbaugh responds, implying that he is in fact a new man.

In reality, especially now that quarterback Colin Kaepernick is signed through 2020, all 49ers fans are really hoping for is a new result that ends with the Lombardi Trophy come the postseason.