Jay-Z Explains Who He is to Curious Woman on Subway

Melissa Knowles

You don't have to be a fan of hip-hop music or the Brooklyn Nets to have heard the name Jay-Z at least once in your life. His name has become synonymous with the Barclays Center, a sports and entertainment venue and the home of the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z had an eight-show run leading up to the center's grand opening, with cameras documenting the experience.

On Tuesday, a 24-minute YouTube video, "Where I'm From: Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary" was released just in time for Jay-Z's 43rd birthday. In the video, Jay-Z is surrounded by screaming fans as he waits to board a Brooklyn-bound subway train en route to the last show on October 6. He sits down next to an artist named Ellen Grossman. She doesn't recognize the hip-hop mogul, but their conversation will live on in viral infamy.

Grossman asks Jay-Z, "Are you famous?" He responds, "Yes. Not very famous. You don't know me, but I'll get there someday." Grossman politely smiles and nods. Jay-Z seems humbled by the experience as he smiles back, and then introduces himself as he offers to shake her hand. "My name is Jay. What's your name?" She tells him, and then asks what he does. Jay-Z says, "I make music." When she finds out he's on his way to do his last performance by subway, she says she's proud of him. Toward the end, she asks for his name again, just so she gets it. He says, "Jay. Jay-Z." She replies, "Oh, you're Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z!"

The documentary video is going viral, with more than 150,000 views and counting. And people are enthralled with the encounter between Grossman and Jay-Z on the subway, calling her "adorable." One person tweeted, "OK. This is the cutest thing ever." Another person wrote, "nice to see Jay-Z be a little humble every once and a while."

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