Japanese Celebrities Tricked By Candy That Looks Like Everyday Objects

Ralphie Aversa
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Japanese Celebrities Tricked By Candy That Looks Like Everyday Objects

Just when you think you have seen it all with Japanese game shows, another one comes out that will both crack you up and leave you a little confused. In a new show, celebrities from Japan are asked to guess whether items such as doorknobs, tables, or shoes are made of chocolate. After guessing, they have to find out the truth by biting in to the object.

According to footage uploaded on Daily Motion, the show seems to have aired on or around New Year’s Day. The show features food art known as sokurri sweets. Typically these deserts are confections designed to look like another type of food; i.e. a slice of cake that appears to be a bowl of ramen noodles. But during the one-hour telecast, the sweets take on an unlikely form.

Some of the more notable chocolate-filled items include the aforementioned door handle, shoes, and coffee table. A plant is also crafted out of chocolate, much to the surprise of television morning show host and actor Shinichi Hatori. Parade reports that comedians, Olympians, TV hosts, and the band Tokio all appeared in the program.

The unconventional tasks, variety of premises, and plain awkward situations in so many of these Japanese game shows make for at the very least, a good amount of amusement. Even in this particular program, the sokurri sweets aren’t the only highlight. In one of the final scenes, a man navigates through an obstacle course made to look like an office, using a bike with one of the stipulations being the tires can’t hit the ground.

Japan’s take on the TV competitions directly yielded an American program, appropriately titled “I Survived A Japanese Game Show.” It aired on ABC for two seasons between 2008 and 2009 before the network cancelled it.