Italian Man Builds Handmade Roller Coaster in the Woods

Mia Trovato
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Are you a fan of amusement parks? The thrill of a roller coaster, the excitement of a ferris wheel? Well, would you visit a handmade roller coaster? Let’s say in the middle of the woods?

That's what one extremely crafty welder, Bruno, built in a northern Italian forest near the city of Treviso. He’s been building roller coasters, swings and slides by hand for the past 40 years. His story is featured in a new short documentary on Vimeo released by communications research company Fabrica. The title of the documentary, "Ai Pioppi" is also the name of his family’s restaurant.

When he opened the park in 1969, his initial goal was to attract customers. He says of his ride-building creative process, "A branch falls, a leaf floats down, a bird flies by, a stone rolls. And I say to myself, 'maybe I can use this movement.' That's how my ideas are born."

Bruno is a talented man, but we don't know if we would ride one of his creations!

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AI PIOPPI from Fabrica on Vimeo.