Interview With Yahoo! Correspondent On Location Covering Aftermath of Boston Explosions

Melissa Knowles
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The first of two publicly identified victims who died due to injuries from the Boston Marathon explosions is 8-year-old Martin Richard of Dorchester, Mass. Martin was attending the race with his family: his mother, Denise; 6-year-old sister, Jane; his father, Bill; and his older brother, whose name has not been released.

Denise and Jane were severely injured in the blasts, and Bill sustained wounds in his legs from fragments. Martin's older brother did not incur serious injuries.

Holly Bailey, a senior reporter for Yahoo! News, is in Boston covering the bombings and their aftermath, and she spoke with us this morning on "Trending Now." Bailey told us that Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch has been friends with the Richard family for 25 years, and he told Yahoo! News that dad Bill had run the marathon in previous years but had taken the family just to watch this time around.

The Richards went to get ice cream and then came back to watch the runners along Boylston Street. That's when the first bomb exploded. Rep. Lynch said that immediately following the first blast, the Richard family tried to move off the sidewalk and into the street so they could get away from buildings in case there was another blast.

Then the second bomb detonated, injuring Jane and Denise and taking Martin's life.

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