Interview with Overnight Music Sensation Gwyn Fowler

Melissa Knowles
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Breaking into the music industry and becoming a success is rare. Even though the onslaught of music-themed reality TV competition shows like "American Idol" and "The Voice" seem to make becoming a star more accessible, it is still a tremendous challenge. But thanks to the Internet, musicians with real talent can rise to prominence without the aid of traditional outlets like a record label or radio play.

That's what is happening right now for Gwyn Fowler, a singer-songwriter from South Carolina. Fowler is currently a graduate student who hopes to be a teacher, but she's been writing music since her sophomore year in college. Fowler has released two albums on the indie music site Band Camp.

On Tuesday, Fowler's boyfriend, Chris Gaafary, posted a link to her albums to Reddit with the title, "I fell in love with my girlfriend's voice." The post took off and hit Reddit's front page in a matter of hours. During its journey to the front, commenters gave Fowler acclaim and constructive criticism. Gwyn and Chris joined us for an interview via Skype.