Interview with Man Behind ‘Gibbon and Housecat’ Viral Video

Melissa Knowles

The viral video of a gibbon and a housecat interacting with one another has intrigued the Web. In the video, which has been viewed more than 175,000 times on YouTube, a cat rests on the arm of a sofa as the gibbon playfully jumps around, climbs, pulls on the cat's ears, and bites on the cat's tail. APEril, a 6-month-old white-handed gibbon, was rejected by her mother shortly after being born. That's when Dana Savorelli stepped in and welcomed APEril to his animal sanctuary in Jackson County, Missouri. Savorelli introduced APEril to a housecat that he had taken in several years ago, named Chuck.

One commenter described the video as "cuteness overload," but others have questioned how Savorelli came to house the primate, and still others have shown concern for the animal not being in the wild. Savorelli is the owner of Midwest Tongs, an animal sanctuary where he has been rescuing exotic animals since 1996. It also serves as an innovative snake and reptile handling-tools company.

Savorelli sat down with "Trending Now" via Skype to tell us all about his animal sanctuary and his quest to rescue exotic animals without a place to call home.

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