Instagram Parody of Nickelback’s ‘Photograph’ Annoyingly Accurate

Melissa Knowles
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We all know someone (or perhaps we are the one) who uses Instagram nonstop as a way to turn all of our snapshots into virtual artwork. Ordinary meals, selfies in cool locales, and our pets dressed as characters can all become highlights of one's photostream. If you're a fan of Instagram, or know of someone who is, you have to check out this new parody video.

The two main characters in the video talk about their obsession with Instagram and its filter options that turn their images into something memorable. The video, posted on the website College Humor, is a parody of Nickelback's "Photograph" song and music video. College Humor makes fun of all of the pictures beginning to look the same: clouds, skylines, food, babies, etc. All of that repetition can become stereotypical and begin to get a bit annoying.

People on Twitter are finding the video parody hilarious. Many tweeters pointed out that they have seen so many of these ordinary photos on their own Instagram feeds. One person called it "brilliant." Another person begged the Twitter community to come clean, writing, "You have taken one of these instagrams before. Admit it."

OK. I admit it. Here's a link to my own annoyingly stereotypical album of images.

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