Instagram Images of Woman Leading Boyfriend Around the World Go Viral

Melissa Knowles
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A young couple may be responsible for starting an online trend in photography and creating a brand-new meme. Russian photographer and video production executive Murad Osmann started posting unique pictures of his girlfriend leading him by the hand to worldwide destinations. Each image shows a young woman's hand (we know her only by her Instagram handle 'yourleo'), extended back to hold on to Osmann's hand.

Some of the destinations pictured: in front of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, the Brandenburg Bridge in Germany, and the bright lights and historic sites of Hong Kong. But not all of the photographs are in glamorous locations. There's an image of the pair in the stockroom in an IKEA store.

Most of the pictures have received thousands of likes on Instagram, and commenters love the couple's sense of adventure and how gorgeous the pictures are. One person wrote, "you are winning at life." Another person on Reddit has an idea for Osmann, making this suggestion: "I think this guy should take a picture from the same point of view if he ever proposes."

That's not a bad idea. In fact, I'm sure Osmann's 35,000 Instagram followers would love to see it, quite possibly feeling as if they have lived vicariously through the couple's journey together all along the way.

Now other people are beginning to take on the "being led around the world" idea — even putting their own unique ideas in front of the camera. A father posted a picture to Reddit of his daughter with her hand extended to him as she stood in front of a globe. Another couple put their own humorous spin on the idea and posted a picture to Reddit of a woman leading her boyfriend into the refrigerator.

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