Insane Zip Line BASE Jump Captured With Two GoPro Cameras

Ralphie Aversa
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"If I fall off of this, I've got a parachute on, so it's no big deal."

That statement sounds like it could fall under the category of famous last words, but they were actually some of the first (and thankfully, not last) said by Marshall Miller in a recent video. The BASE jumper appears in a new GoPro advertisement on its YouTube channel. Miller heads off to the Moab Desert in eastern Utah, where he is outfitted with two GoPro Hero3 cameras. Then according to GoPro's YouTube page, Miller is "talked into doing an epic zip-line BASE jump."

"I came to Moab to hang out with a couple friends I hadn't seen in a while, and I show up to this," Miller says as the cameras record. "What are my friends up to bro?"

Well, he is about to find out. While asking that, Miller grabs the zip line and turns so he is facing the steep canyon.

"This looks so damn scary dude," he says to a friend. The person off camera tells him that he is a rock star, presumably reassuring Miller that he will be fine.

Just a few moments later, Miller takes off down the line. As soon as he reaches the end, he lets go and backflips in midair. His parachute deploys, and Miller takes in the scenery.

"That was so scary!" Miller screams in midair, before letting out a loud, "Woo!"

GoPro uploaded the video May 9, and people have commented that their own palms became sweaty just watching it. While Miller might have seemed nervous, he is not exactly inexperienced. The Salt Lake City-native actually counts GoPro as a sponsor of his paragliding, ski BASE jumping, and skydiving activities.