Incredible Sony Ad Blankets Valley with 8 Million Flower Petals

Henry Baker

Most television advertisements don't bear mentioning outside of the 30 seconds that they appear on the tube. But that doesn't mean the medium can't be inventive and even downright beautiful. Sony's "4K — Behind the Scenes — Four Times the Detail" video ad features the movement of 8 million flower petals through the air, to highlight the 8 million pixels in one of Sony's next-generation 4K TVs. The petals seem to explode out of a volcano and cover the hills and valleys of a town nearby. What is most surprising about the ad, though, is you might expect it to involve special effects, but it's all real. To achieve the effect, the company brought 2.5 to 3 tons of air-moving equipment to the valley. A cool " making-of" short shows how much work went into the visuals in the ad. And if you're worried about the mess, Sony points out that all the petals are real, and of course, biodegradable.

This ad actually reminded us of some other beautiful uses of advertising- ones that are worth watching even aside from the product being sold.

For instance, there's British Airways' "A Ticket to Visit Mum," which might make you cry, we warn you. 

There's also this John Lewis ad, famous for its 'Lifelong Commitment' message. 

 And lastly, another from Sony, and what can we say? They make some seriously beautiful ads.

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