Improv Everywhere Re-enacts 'Spartacus' at Starbucks

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You're sitting in a New York City Starbucks location, and more than 20 people in the place begin re-enacting an iconic scene from a film starring Kirk Douglas. Improv Everywhere took its "Movies In Real Life" YouTube series to one coffee shop and re-created the "I am Spartacus!" scene from "Spartacus." The group pulled off the stunt without a hitch, and the actors even received an ovation from both customers and workers at the store.

The clip starts with an actor walking up to a barista and ordering a venti strawberry Frappuccino. The Starbucks worker asks for his name, and he replies "Spartacus." When the drink is served up at the bar and the name is called out, about 20 different men stand up claiming to be the gladiator. The range of reactions from customers runs the spectrum from unfazed to laughing to "Let me get my phone out and film this immediately." Perhaps unknowingly to some, cameras were already rolling.

Eventually, an actor dressed as a Roman slave walks in, claims to be the Spartacus, and grabs his drink. Of course, he asks the barista for a straw, because even gladiators drink their Frappuccinos in a civilized manner.

This is Improv Everywhere's ninth installment in its "Movies In Real Life" series. The group is uploading a new video to its YouTube channel every week through the fall.

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