Impatient Dog Puts Manners Aside When Offered Ice Cream

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Adorable puppy videos are always in season on YouTube, but the latest to go viral is drawing mixed reviews.

Cooper and Daisy are two dogs from Coopers Dogpatch in Oregon. The dog resort features dog-friendly parks with ponds, custom play structures, and a ton of space. As a treat, Cooper and Daisy were taken to the McDonald’s drive-thru to enjoy some ice cream. The driver grabs them a vanilla soft-serve cone to share. Daisy gets first licks at the cone, despite Cooper’s disapproval. But about 35 seconds in to the clip, we realize why there is a specific order to who can eat first. Cooper eats the entire cone in about one gulp! At least Daisy had a little before hand.

Some viewers thought the video was cute. “Good for Cooper. He was very good about waiting his turn,” commented one person. Another wrote, “I was not expecting that ending......I literally LOLed (sic).” “This is why Cooper can't have nice things,” joked a different YouTube user.

But there were others who watched the video and didn’t find it as funny. They are more concerned that the owner is feeding her dogs ice cream.

It’s true that dogs are not supposed to eat sugar, as they can develop dental problems and even diabetes. The ASPCA cautions, “Just say no to the cone. One lick or two (no chocolate, please!) is fine, but because pets do not possess significant amounts of lactase—the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk—milk and other milk-based products can cause them diarrhea or other digestive upset.”

The person who uploaded the video explained her dog’s snack routine.

“Cooper gets ice cream every Friday, he usually splits it with 3 other dogs,” she said. “This has been routine for many years, and his ‘brother’ just passed away at 19. I should probably lay off of the french fries, high fructose and booze, but on Friday fun day...we all get to be a little bad.”