Iconic Image From Russian Protests Going Viral

Mia Trovato

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Sometimes a single photograph says it all. Vladimir Putin's inauguration is being protested by thousands of Russians who marched and rioted in Moscow over the weekend. Photojournalist Julia Ioffe was live-tweeting from the scene when she happened to snap a little boy on his bicycle (with training wheels, no less) facing down a seemingly endless squadron of Russian riot police in helmets and fatigues. The photo is fast becoming an iconic image of the demonstrators' anger at Putin's return to power. Ioffe called the picture "Russia's Tiananmen Square image," comparing it to the memorable shot of a lone man in a white shirt standing in front of a column of tanks during the 1989 protests in Beijing. Ioffe tweeted the picture to her 6,000 followers, and it's being rapidly retweeted and shared on Tumblr blogs. The boy's identity is unknown at this point, but he will no doubt become an important symbol for Russian protesters.

On a lighter note, a man named Jeff Cokeley was put in contact with a very old friend from childhood. In 1965, when Jeff was 13 years old, he found a box turtle on his family's Pennsylvania farm. He carved his initials and the year into the bottom of the turtle's shell. Last week, Jeff's 85-year-old father, Holland, was walking in his backyard and noticed the neighbor's dog playing with a small turtle. He had to check. Holland turned the turtle over and discovered, improbably but unmistakably, that it was the same turtle his son had marked 47 years ago. Holland kept the little creature around for a few days and took a picture for Jeff before letting it go -- for now. Box turtles can live up to 100 years, so it could have a few more decades to make an encore.