Homeless Drummer Invited to Rejoin Carlos Santana's Band After Emotional Reunion

Henry Baker
December 23, 2013

Marcus Malone, or "Marcus the Magnificent," played drums for Carlos Santana's band in the 60's, adding an African rhythm to what made the band's Latin fusion so special. In 1969, just before the band's explosion of popularity at Woodstock, Malone went to San Quentin Prison, never to rejoin the band. He has had a hard life ever since. Reporter Stanley Roberts found him living on the streets of Oakland, and at first was skeptical of his claim to fame. When Santana saw the report, however, he knew it was legitimate. Santana got in touch with Roberts, and the two found Malone. All that was left was the touching reunion between the two former bandmates. They exchange a hug, with Malone saying, "you don't know how hard I prayed to get to see you."

The video of their reunion now has more than 230,000 views, and commenters are loving it. One wrote, "This is touching. That smile on his face was real. Real from the heart." Some were suspicious, though, about what exactly a reunion is worth. Luckily, Santana is taking his desire to reunite with Malone a step further. He told CNN that he is planning on buying Malone new clothes, and putting him in an apartment to get him off the streets. He's also invited Marcus the Magnificent to join he and the original band again to record music. They have even written a song for him. It will most likely be music to his ears.

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