High School Teens Raise Money for Children's Hospital With Lip Dub Video

Ralphie Aversa
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Avon High School in Avon, Ind., is raising money for a local hospital and having a lot of fun in the process.

The 2,700 students united for a video in which they lip sync to some of the most popular songs from last year. Athletes, drama students and everyone in between participated in the lip dub to "Pop Danthology 2013." Daniel Kim created the audio mashup, which features 68 songs ranging from Taylor Swift to Justin Timberlake to Bruno Mars.

The video is impressive in many ways, one being that the mix is 6 and a half minutes long and the school needed only one take to film it. Throughout the piece, a camera weaves in and out of hallways and classrooms as students lip sync and dance along to the track. Some students are in sports uniforms, others wear shirts from the clubs they belong to, and a few are even in costume for the performance.

In the video's grand finale, the camera makes its way into the gymnasium, where the entire student body is screaming and dancing.

Credit Avon High's student government with the idea to create the video. Teacher Adam Poliskie told Fox 59 in Indianapolis that a group of students first devised the plan last fall. About six weeks ago, they began reaching out to the different sports teams and clubs to ensure participation.

Nile Hairston, a student who co-produced the video, told the Fox affiliate that there was one practice and one dress rehearsal before they hit record. The entire production was filmed and edited by another student, Suketu Patel.

The video was created for the Riley Children's Foundation Dance Marathon. Students hope the virality of the video will help raise funds for the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Patel uploaded the video on Saturday, and as of Wednesday morning, it had 68,000 views.