High School Chemistry Project Goes Viral on YouTube

Melissa Knowles
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Extra credit assignments in high school are notoriously tedious activities that require a lot of attention. Hence, the term "extra." One 10th-grade student took his extra credit chemistry assignment and turned it into a viral sensation.

Eli Cirino decided to write a song and make a music video. He explains what chemical bonds are in the form of a love story between a guy and a girl.

Eli wrote the song, sang the lyrics, and used construction paper to create the stop-motion animation. One of his lyrics says, "We bond ionically."

The video became a hit when Eli's father submitted it on Reddit. It also received more than 300,000 views on YouTube. Most commenters loved it for its unabashed nerdiness, calling it a "Modern day schoolhouse rock." One person pointed out that the length of the video is equal to pi, or 3 minutes and 14 seconds.


Memorial Day weekend brought out celebrations all across the country, but it also brought out some pranksters. Four guys took a trip to California's Venice Beach and filled an old chest with $100 worth of chocolate gold coins and buried it in the sand. The next day, they pretended to search the beach with a metal detector.

When onlookers became intrigued in the men's digging, a crowd formed to see what was in the buried treasure chest. At one point, a beach official approached the men and asked if they found or planted the chest. They initially denied that they'd buried it themselves.

When the chest was finally unearthed and then opened, the crowd screamed with joy that they had been witness to someone finding buried treasure. However, the guys eventually came clean and told everyone the chest was filled with chocolate. Instead of getting upset, the beachgoers were great sports and still seemed excited, with a young boy pitching in to help dig with his plastic shovel.

So far the YouTube video of the guys' prank has received almost 17,000 views since it was posted May 30. Reviews of the joke are evenly split, with some people thinking it's hilarious and others crying foul.