Here Are Two Examples That Prove Not Everyone Is Ready for Snow

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The weather outside is frightful, and you don't need to explain that to one man in the Middle East or a cat prone to failing.

First up in our set of winter-themed videos that should break up the monotony of your Tuesday, meet Mohammed Alobaidan. We won't question the Saudi man's iPhone video skills (note: turn the phone horizontal when you film!) because of this hilarious contribution to YouTube. Saudi Arabia experienced a snowfall last weekend. The Middle Eastern country doesn't see this type of weather often. You could surmise this by what Alobaidan's friend does in the video, appropriately titled, "This is why we don't have snow in Saudi Arabia."

The video has more than 380,000 views. Although laugh-worthy, the YouTuber's friend does stick the headstand nicely.

The person overseas is much more graceful in the winter weather than Waffles the Terrible. Waffles received his nickname because, as the video uploader put it, he "fails a lot." You can probably guess the outcome of the pet's most recent stunt — attempting to jump from the top of an icy van to the roof of a snow-covered garage.

So Waffles performs terribly and certainly puts himself in harm's way. But the feline does display an extraordinary amount of courage in his effort. Waffles clearly realized how slippery the surface was at first. Despite this, he refused to let the ice deter him.

OK, the cat didn't even come close to the roof. People still can't stop watching him try, though; the clip has been viewed over 400,000 times.