Helmet Cam Captures Firefighter Resuscitating Injured Kitten

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Cory Kalanick usually wears his helmet-mounted camera while he's on the job as a firefighter in Fresno, California. Generally, the camera captures images of people's most tragic days. He's thrilled (as are we), however, that it was recording when he rescued probably the tiniest being of his career thus far.

Kalanick was sweeping a burned-out house for salvage when he noticed a motionless kitten lying on the floor. He immediately picked it up and sprang into action. Outside, he placed the kitten on his glove to protect it from the hot ground, and then he cooled it down with water while administering oxygen to the little guy. A whole tank of oxygen and some gentle strokes later, sure enough, the kitten came to with a "meow" that would melt the iciest heart.

Using the footage captured by his helmet cam, Kalanick put together a mock movie trailer about the rescue. Poking fun at his veganism and love of animals with the titles, he added in laurels for the film's supposed "awards." He notes that his fellow firefighters often tease him about his animal advocacy but says they all thought the kitten was the cat's meow, and they were very happy to have saved at least one of his nine lives.

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Update: Sadly, the kitten passed away the night after his ordeal. Beth Caffrey, of the Central California S.P.C.A said, "It's a very sad loss. The kitten, however, was in very loving hands to get taken care of."