Heartwarming Video Shows Young Man With Disability Receiving a Job Offer

Ralphie Aversa

Meet Nick, a young man with a disability who is inspiring others with a new online video.

Nick graduated from eTrac, an online curriculum built by Midwest Special Services in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to the school's website, the mission of the program is "to teach job search skills to people struggling to overcome barriers to employment, such as disabilities, gaps in employment history or mental health challenges."

"The six-module program focuses on developing and building soft skills, the skills that are common to all work environments and all types of jobs," wrote Colleen Wieck, Executive Director of the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities. The council evaluated and endorsed eTrac. "Accessibility and ease of navigation were considered at the outset, and the immediate feedback feature helps to assure that skills are acquired and the purpose of each module successfully achieved."

After completing the curriculum, Nick sought out an employment opportunity at a local Walmart, which was hiring a greeter. He received a call back from an employee at the store and wanted Josh Franzen, who works at eTrac, to record video of the conversation.

"Hi Bridget!" Nick says after the employee introduces herself. She then offers him the job. "Sure," the recent graduate responds. "I'll take it!"

Nick's infectious smile is beaming from ear-to-ear. She wants to set up a meeting for the following day, and Nick says that he will get back to her as soon as he checks with his father.

When Nick ends the call, his smile only gets wider.

"I got it!" Nick says, and moments later he's back on his phone. "I'm calling my Dad!" Nick wanted to immediately share the good news, and make sure he could attend a meeting at the store the following morning.

"Nick is extremely proud of his recent accomplishment," Franzen wrote in the video's description, which was published to eTrac's YouTube channel. "He wants his story to encourage and motivate people that are facing similar barriers to employment. Goals can be achieved no matter the barriers being faced."

To find out more about Nick and the barriers that he has overcome, watch Yahoo's interview with him above.