Will Hands-Free Luggage be the Wave of the Future?

Melissa Knowles
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Convenience is a huge factor when it comes to making our lives easier, and it seems as if almost everything is being offered with a hands-free option these days -- even things you would never expect from lawn mowers to vacuums. The newest entry into the hands-free market comes in luggage form. The Hop -- named after bellhops -- is a rolling suitcase that follows you.

Using Bluetooth technology and three sensors, the Hop closely follows its owner by using a microcontroller to detect a signal from the owner's smartphone. The Hop's locomotion is enabled by caterpillar treads that operate on compressed air on the bottom of the luggage, allowing it to move at a safe and constant distance. If Hop gets lost, it sends a vibration signal to the smartphone and it locks itself to prevent theft of the articles inside.

The Hop was designed by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, a Spanish design student. The manufacturers of Hop are calling it the next wave of luggage technology. But don't get too excited. While Hop could help ease travelers' burden of lugging heavy suitcases, it's not available for purchase yet. This latest invention proves there really is no telling where the next wave of hands-free technology will come from.

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