Guy Hits It Big on the Web Doing Uncanny 'Girl Voice'

Ko Im
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Hey, girl.

Actually, the guy in this video is Matt Bittner, actor and sound designer. His friend recorded him between shifts at The Ride, an interactive New York City tour bus. So exciting!

The video was featured on Reddit's front page and garnered more than 4,000 upvotes in just 15 hours. One redditor said, "Man I want to learn how to do this just to totally creep my wife out." Another redditor said, "Now I feel bad for Manti Te'o I would fall for this."

Bittner tweeted earlier Thursday about his surprise.

Yup, if you close your eyes, you wouldn't know the difference.

Bittner tells us Trending it's been his lifelong dream to do cartoon voiceover work. He played a girl in an all-male cast during college, and hence the character behind "girl voice" was born.

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