Gorilla Has Startling Reaction to Momma Goose

Melissa Knowles
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Gorillas are not the kind of creature you would want to cross paths with outside of a zoo or while on safari. They are known for not just their domineering size but also their fierce nature and territorial habits. Get too close to one and a confrontation might not end well for you.

A new video released by the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, may debunk all previously held ideas. This video might have you believing that gorillas, at least the one featured here, are more gentle giant than fearsome brute. But what is most surprising is not just how the gorilla reacts but what is causing the reaction in the first place. It's a goose.

First, the two animals have a bit of a stare-down. Then, as the goose approaches the gorilla with its wings outstretched, the large gorilla begins to retreat. The more aggressive the goose gets, the faster the gorilla backpedals, especially when another goose joins in.

Canada geese, like the ones seen in the video, are quite defensive themselves, especially when another animal approaches their eggs.

The video has been viewed more than 13,000 times so far on YouTube, and people are really enjoying watching the interaction between the gorilla and the geese. One commenter sarcastically wrote when referring to the geese, "I heard rumors they are actually the Canadian airforce."

The geese may not be part of the armed forces, but they certainly may have an intimidation factor that has not been explored before.

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