GoPro Superman is the Coolest Video You Will See Today

Ralphie Aversa
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Actors, a GoPro camera, and a drone have combined to answer the question you have always wanted answered: "What does Superman’s view look like when he is flying?"

Visual effects artists Corridor Digital uploaded “Superman With a GoPro” yesterday to YouTube. It already has over 2 million views.

The production starts with actor Will Sterling dressed as Superman and affixing a GoPro to his head while he looks in the mirror. The superhero then looks down and sees that the case from the camera has a return address on it. He grabs the case and flies off.

For the next two minutes, Superman takes flight. Using a drone, footage is captured across downtown Los Angeles, over Dodger Stadium, and through Runyon Canyon Park. While flying to his final destination, the hero even fights off criminals and catches a woman falling from a building. Those scenes, along with Superman’s arms appearing in the camera’s point of view, were all added in using actors and special effects.

The entire flying sequence is scored with the song “Hero,” by Pegboard Nerds.

Of course the video has a happy ending, as the criminals are stopped, the woman is saved, and the man receives his camera back. Just another day’s work for The Man of Steel.