GoPro Footage Shows Skateboarding Like You've Never Seen It Before

Ralphie Aversa

A lot of GoPro camera videos become viral sensations because the footage usually offers a unique, never-before-seen perspective. That could be said of the latest piece from the device uploaded yesterday.

In "KICKFLIP BS LIPSLIDE," Dean-Paul Denniston skates around a park with a GoPro camera attached to the underside of his board. The clips were filmed in California on Feb. 4. Another skater, Doug Des Autels, edited and uploaded the footage to his "amskater" account on YouTube.

For most of the minute-and-20-second clip, you see what the world looks like from underneath Denniston's skateboard. He skates quickly around the park, executing a number of tricks in the process. Audio of the wheels moving and hitting objects accompanies the video.

Toward the end, the camera angle switches. First, you see Denniston perform a trick. Then, you see the same trick from the skateboard's perspective. It's interesting but a bit nauseating as well.

"I can tell you why I like it," Des Autels said to another YouTube user. "It gives us a different perspective and its a risky shot, some of the tricks Ill show a reg (sic) angle and the under the board angle so people can see both."

About 8,000 people have viewed the video since it hit YouTube on Tuesday. The 22-year-old Denniston has been skating for more than 10 years.