GoPro Captures Man's Crazy Jump From Rooftop — But Is It Real?

Zain Meghji
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GoPro Captures Man's Crazy Jump From Rooftop — But Is It Real?

There are always daring people doing daring things for an Internet video, but this one takes things to new heights.

Ethan Swanson of Illinois strapped on a GoPro camera and gave us a firsthand view of him jumping from one roof to another without the use of any ropes or safety net. He tumbled down the side of a roof to a winding staircase on the adjacent building.

A second camera gives us a wide angle of the whole stunt, but the video has some folks questioning if it is fake.

A pro video editor posting on Reddit says, "Notice how the train moves out of sync and we can't hear environment sounds when he jumps because they were added later."

Others claim the video is legit. One person wrote, "the train kept moving because he shot two clips. One of the train and one of him jumping... He then took those two clips and merged them together..."

The clip states that Swanson is a professional stuntman. Check out his YouTube channel to see previous jumps.

According to the Mirror in the UK, he's in the process of training for "American Ninja Warrior," a TV competition that tests speed, fitness, and strength.

About his bold stunts, another commenter simply states: "He's crazy."

Kids, don't do this at home. I think it's safer and more practical to just take the stairs.

What do you think about this daredevil stunt? Is it legit? Could you or would you attempt something like this? Let us know in the comments below!