New globetrotting ‘Dancing Matt’ video is another YouTube hit

Mia Trovato

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Do you remember Matt Harding? He's the globetrotting dancer from the "Where the Hell Is Matt?" YouTube videos from 2006 and 2008. They received more than 17 million and 42 million views, respectively. His videos have brought people together all over the world through dance.  Well, Matt is back with a new video, and once again the number of places he's been to is astonishing. Of course, he pulls out his signature dance moves. The new video is not without its share of amazing achievements. In the video, Harding dances with the citizens of Pyongyang, North Korea, a notoriously difficult place to even travel to, let alone film in. Another interesting moment takes place in a ballet studio in Damascus, Syria. And since nation's conservative government might not take kindly to women dancing with a man, Harding wisely decided to blur their faces to protect their anonymity. Even with the huge number of locations, Harding says that some cities did not make the cut, and he'll be posting more soon. Matt's fans are not shy about their love for his new video, with commenters on YouTube saying "Faith in humanity: restored." and "Does anybody else get goosebumps watching this?"