Girls’ Reactions to Finding Out They Are Cast in ‘Annie’ on Broadway

Henry Baker
Girls’ Reactions to Finding Out They Are Cast in ‘Annie’ on Broadway

Any kid, or grownup kid, who has ever auditioned for a play can tell you that the feeling of finding out you got cast is just plain amazing. Now imagine that you aren't finding out about a school play but instead the musical "Annie." Oh, and it's on Broadway. That extremely rare excitement was captured on video for 8 out of the 5,000 girls who auditioned.

The videos were made for a documentary called "Annie: It's the Hard-Knock Life," which features a behind-the-scenes look at the run-up to opening the revival of "Annie" on Broadway. Emily gets her call while outside with family, and her reaction is priceless — it could be summed up as a wonderful mixture of delighted squeals and flying pigtails. There are also the adorable reactions of Georgi and Junah. Both go similarly nuts to find out that they will soon be starring on the Great White Way.

"It's the Hard-Knock Life" shows every single step of one production number from the musical, beginning with the earliest production notes and auditions and going on to rehearsals with the cast and crew and opening night. The documentary aired on PBS on Friday, June 28. It can be seen here.

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