Girl Flawlessly Sings 14 Genres of Music

Ralphie Aversa

It was a mere eight days ago that a Finnish teenager named Sara posted a video to her YouTube account called, “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners.”

Since then, the video has been viewed 7.2 million times. A sequel video is on pace to hit a million views. Sara is now enlisting the help of a family member to act as a publicist. As you can probably guess, he’s fielding calls from “Ellen” and “Good Morning America.”

The YouTube star’s latest original video is also gaining a lot of buzz. Uploaded Sunday, Sara moves from languages to music genres. In “One Girl, 14 Genres,” the teenager mimics what different musical styles sound like to her.

Similar to her languages impressions, she lists a more descriptive term for the music instead of the actual genre. For her “jazzy” sound, Sara sings a bunch of gibberish in a deep, soulful voice. Moving “musical,” she sings in a more up-tempo, cheery tone. Then later during her rendition of “hipster indie” she jokes, “I don’t even have a melody but it’s okay cause it’s hipster… I’m gonna sing like I’m just talking.”

Your move, Brooklyn.

Sara’s latest upload has about 600,000 views and 11,000 likes as of Tuesday afternoon. Her uncle, Johannes Ylinen, tells us the family is overwhelmed and astonished with the attention Sara has received. They are currently figuring out the logistics for Sara to possibly fly to the U.S. for more media opportunities.

Crazy when you think that just eight days ago, she was a relatively unknown teenager contemplating what foreign languages sounded like.