GE's #6SecondScience Vines Make For One Awesome Montage

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Remember science class? Sure, there were the parts where you had to learn Punnett squares and figure out how many electrons hydrogen gives to oxygen (or is it the other way around?). But there were also those awesome moments when you got to see science in action — the kind of mind-blowing experiments that were featured on "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Perhaps realizing that this is an appealing entry point for kids interested in the field, GE came up with the idea for a weeklong "#6SecondScience Fair.

 The company called for submissions from users on Vine, the social media app in which people share 6-second videos that loop endlessly. Using the hashtag #6SecondScience, users uploaded all manner of clever submissions, ranging from a fake frog dissection to some seriously trippy experiments with magnetism. Check them out yourself. GE then compiled its favorites into a video called "How Much Science Can You Fit Into 6 Seconds?" And the result is a really cool montage jam-packed with oohs and aahs.

Some of the vines in the video need some kind of explanation, because they are just plain head scratchers. Questions like "How did that person create that cool ice formation from water?" and "Why did that thing catch on fire?" come to mind. It seems that much of the comments section on YouTube has become dominated by spammers, but we would love to hear which clips you were curious about, or maybe you can let us know how a particularly confusing one works ifyou're an expert yourself. Tell us on our Facebook page, or hit us up on Twitter.