Furry Felines Rise to Fame on ‘Rich Cats of Instagram’

Melissa Knowles

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A few weeks ago, the Web collectively rolled its eyes at the Rich Kids of Instagram. The Tumblr page, which showed images of young people hanging out on yachts and spending loads of money, set off a firestorm of condemnation. Seeing kids living overprivileged lives and bragging about it was just too much for some viewers to handle. So people took to social media to criticize the elaborate displays of wealth. One person commented, "Anyone else have a problem with the amount of champagne the rich kids of Instagram seem to be wasting?"

Now a new site that covers a similar social subset is grabbing attention, but it's inspiring more laughter than anger. Check out the Rich Cats of Instagram, Tumblr's newest viral sensation, which has become the most popular meme. The description for the page reads, "They are richer than you. This is what they do." The blog consists of pictures of cats living the high life just as the rich kids did. The cats' lives of leisure include extravagant shopping trips, fancy meals with lobster, and plush thrones to curl up on. The pictures of the rich cats are accompanied by clever captions such as, "Don't mind me, just going through today's purr-chases."

People on social media seem pretty fond of the pampered felines, with one person tweeting, "The rich cats even made this dog lover smile." So people don't seem to mind that some of these cats really are sitting on the lap of luxury. Could your cat be the next furry feline to share its pampered lifestyle on the social networking site?