French Street Performer Wows Audience With Vocal Range

Ralphie Aversa
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French performer Luc Arbogast is redefining what it means for a singer to have range.

For avid fans of France's version of "The Voice," Arbogast's voice might sound familiar. The 38-year-old from La Rochelle appeared in Season 2 of the competition and was eliminated via a fan vote. He went on to land a record label deal, and to date, he has released six albums. His latest, 2013's "Odysseus," debuted at No. 1 in France.

But in a new video gaining massive popularity online, Arbogast is performing not in a sold-out venue or on television, but rather on the street. A crowd is gathered around the artist outside of Strasbourg Cathedral as he sings, "Cant del Matin" from his 2012 album "Canticum in Terra." Arbogast is known for using older instruments and has played this song before in the same spot outside of the cathedral.

"He can switch from his normal voice to a female voice effortless (sic)," Lucas Fuchs, who published the video on YouTube, wrote in the description. "He is a great artist and a very good person. He answered everyone's questions about his voice and was very nice to everyone."

The official classification for Arbogast would be countertenor, or a classical male singer who exhibits traits of a female soprano. Commenters on the video describe his sound as "an angel's voice." The 5-minute performance was uploaded Sunday and has more than 860,000 views.