Free Diver and Champion Spear Fisher Calmly Swims with Great White Shark

Melissa Knowles
Free Diver and Champion Spear Fisher Calmly Swims with Great White Shark

Free-diving in the open ocean would be up there with bold adventures to try, yet I have only snorkeled. One of my greatest fears is that I would encounter a predator much larger than me that would eat me.

Fortunately for people like me who share a fear of the deep blue water, people like free diver and spear fisher Kimi Werner exist. Werner lives in Hawaii; she hunts for and eats only what she is able to catch; and most important, she is not afraid of what she may find in the open water because she respects the ecosystem and everything that is a part of it. She finds it to be beautiful.

In Werner's new short film, "Variables," we witness Werner encountering a great white shark while she is out in the ocean. Werner says in the beginning of the film, "I definitely don't think that I'm at the top of the food chain." She and her team said that the film was shot last fall, and their intention is not to glorify the event that happened by chance. They wanted to raise concern for the ecosystem and the environment and their fellow man.

Werner said that she knew immediately that the shark was approaching when her friend who was filming her that day began to shake her. Werner said that while she did let out a shriek, she still swam toward the shark and gradually got closer as the shark slowed down. She eventually grasped the great white's dorsal fin, and they glided through the water together. Werner said, "I know she could've eaten me at any second had she wanted to, but in this moment we were just two animals, two predators ... swimming together."

So far, "Variables" has been viewed more than half a million times. Most commenters are in awe of what Werner got to experience. One person wrote, "This woman is truly FREE! I wish I could be like her."

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