Florida Woman Steals News Reporter's Car On Camera

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ABC 7 in Sarasota, Fla. is uncovering local fraud during its “scam awareness month.” But in a weird twist, a person allegedly involved in a rental property scam decided to give the news station a different theft to report on. She stole its vehicle.

Reporter Josh Taylor went looking for answers after a 91 year-old woman claimed a rental company didn’t deliver on its promises. The woman rented an 11-bedroom house from the landlord for a family reunion. Turns out there were only five bedrooms due to code violations. According to the contract the woman signed, she was entitled to receive a refund. The landlord did not oblige.

Taylor sought out the landlord for an interview. The property is owned by Dr. Craig Siegal, who told ABC 7 that Jean Price doesn’t work for him; she just looks out for the home. Regardless, it was Price who Taylor confronted, and she was having none of it.

“You can just leave. Are you invited here by the owner?” Price asks Taylor as he tried to film an interview, but she blocks the lens with her hand. “Well you’re not going to do a story on this property. You’re going to leave.”

After repeating multiple times that the reporter is going to leave, Price literally takes matters in to her own hands. She picks up his tripod, throws it in the news truck, and drives off. Taylor doesn’t stop her, nor does he stop filming the ordeal.

The video jumps to Price walking back from the car, which appears to be parked down a few blocks. Taylor informs her that he called the cops, but it had nothing to do with his original story. The ABC affiliate reports that the State Attorney’s office will now decide if she is charged with motor vehicle theft.