Fisherman Makes Shocking Discovery Inside Belly of Trout

Melissa Knowles
September 27, 2012

We've heard exaggerated fishing stories before. You know, the kind where people talk about how they reeled in a 200-pound trout all on their own, but then they threw it back into the water because they figured that was its true home. Such tales usually don't have pictures to accompany them, but the stories, however outlandish, are still entertaining. Well, Idaho fisherman Calvin Nolan has quite the fishing tale about a trout he caught in Priest Lake, but it's not the fish itself that makes this tale incredible.

Once Nolan cleaned the fish, he made an astounding and gruesome discovery inside -- a human pinky finger. The story gets even more interesting from here. Nolan contacted the sheriff's office of Bonner County, and detectives were able to use fingerprints from the pinky to identify the owner of the lost digit. The pinky finger belonged to Haans Galassi, who had been wakeboarding with his friends on Priest Lake on July 4. His left hand accidentally became entangled in the tow rope, and four of his fingers were severed.

When Galassi was contacted about the recovered digit, he was dumbfounded. "The sheriff asked if I wanted it back, and I was thinking, 'Um, no!'" On second thought, though, since the finger was well preserved due to the lake's depth and cold temperature, Galassi became hopeful that it could be reattached. Unfortunately, a surgeon who was contacted about reattachment said that due to the time that has passed between when the digit was lost and when it was recovered, reattachment will not be possible.

In the meantime, Galassi is getting countless interview requests about his fishing tale, and he does not have to embellish it -- it's all true.

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