Firsthand Social Media Accounts Report Details of Search for Boston Marathon Bombers

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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From the evening of April 18th to the morning of the 19th, one of the final chapters in the Boston Marathon bombings was being written. The evening quickly descended into the tragic death of an MIT Police Officer, an explosion-filled shootout with Police, the death of one suspect in the bombings, and the escape of the other. As is common these days, some of the most shocking footage, photos, and details were announced via social media.

On Twitter, residents around the Boston area shared their experiences. User Andrew Kitzenberg tweeted a photo of a gun shot that had entered the wall of his Watertown home, the bullet lodging in a desk chair. Musician Juliana Hatfield posted an image of the notice left on her front door step by the Cambridge police, which encouraged residents to stay in their homes. Another Watertown resident, Shawna England, tweeted the view out of her second floor window, directly onto two camouflaged authorities on the roof of a shed with rifles seemingly pointed at an adjacent home.

Thanks to Internet sleuths, much has been discovered about the at-large suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's surprisingly common upbringing and digital life. People tweeted photos, including one of Tsarnaev at his High School graduation, and another showing the man's Yearbook photo. Many fake Twitter accounts have sprung up claiming to be the final living suspect, but only one has been confirmed by Reporter Adrian Chen to be true. Tsarnaev's account on Russian Facebook analogue 'V-Kontakte' was also found. As information continues to pour in, people remain glued to their Twitter feeds or right here at Yahoo! News to find out more.

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